Sad Day

24 Apr

I had such a good time blogging even though it was very difficult for me at times. It was hard getting in touch with people and making time to blog while working afternoons and into the night. But it was such a good learning experience and I think that I might continue doing it this summer with a new subject. I liked to these people who are my friends and learning something new about each one of them. I loved reading the comments some of you guys sent to me and they were actually really exciting to read. It feels good to connect to people and this has been by far one the most exciting projects I ever had to do for school. Thanks for everything and see you soon 🙂


Cedrics modeling 2

24 Apr


I hope its clear for you guys to see


Cedric’s Modeling 1

24 Apr

Sorry about the girl next to me, how unprofessional


Ceddy Buns Interview

24 Apr

Here is Cedric talking about the show after his runway debut. I’m holding the camera fighting the laughter and making a joke about how you guys are going to love him like Justin and Cassie!

Updated Post!

21 Apr

So once again I apologize for the late post today but I have some more information on my subject, Cassie. I know some of you would like to know how to start your jewelry and Cassie has some advice for you wanting to start it up.

1. Decide on what you want to focus on- whether its rings or bracelets or headbands its up to you

2. Pick a color scheme- Cassie recommends you pick a specific range of colors to make your jewerly out of in order to brand yourself, especially if you plan on selling the jewelry to other people. It will just help you set your self apart

3. Stick with the trends- Cassie says that people are also looking for things that are trendy but relatively inexpensive, so play that up. Whats big now? Feathers and bright, bold colors.

4. Get others involved- if you really want to be successful, you should ask for help, whether its getting you friends to spread the word about your new hobby or its just you guys getting together and making the jewelry as a group!

More tips: to get the supplies you guys can hit up arts and crafts places and Cassie recommends that you guys go to swap meets and other outdoor markets to pick up inexpensive items for your jewelry.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the pictures of cassies jewelry, so stay tuned!

Sorry about the late post but here are the pictures of Cassie’s jewelry

Friday!!!!! Again my dears!!!!!

20 Apr

Hello and goodmorning reader, sadly one of my last posts is going to be today but its going to be posted later on tonight because I have to work today :(. So stay tuned becuase it’ll be a good one.

It ’tis friday once again…

13 Apr

(Cassie Tucker)

Sorry about my ack of posts as of late readers. I had some trouble interviewing my subject Cassie Tucker. But victory was mine today and I was able to interview her about her jewelry. Cassie makes mostly bracelets and headbands, and she actually gives most of them away to her friends and family. She has been making these items since she was very young and has really kept up with it throught out the years. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to upload some pictures of her, but until then, she is very open to actually selling her jewelry so you guys can contact her through facebook!/cassie.tuckr.